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Patti Urban

Welcome to Your End of Life Doula! I’m so glad you found your way here. My mission, which many say is notably unique, is simply to change the way we die. People should be able to die in the way in which they choose:  naturally, peacefully, and at home. I created Your End of Life Doula for two reasons:

1. to educate the public on what end-of-life care is all about and how best to plan for it when you are healthy so you have peace of mind; and

2. to let people know about the choices they have at the very end of their life, and the differences between palliative and hospice care.

Please have a look around at our free info, available services, and recent posts. Contact me any time for more info or to arrange for services.

“Hospice is not about dying, it’s about living and living the best we can before we die.” ~Patti