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Doulagivers® certified End-of-Life Doulas transform the way people die.

Your End of Life Doula has partnered with Doulagivers® to provide End of Life Doula trainings. We offer FREE End of Life Doula Trainings that help people learn the basic skills of how to care for a dying loved one.  These are introductory community training programs, but they do not make you a Doula.  In order to become a Doula, you must enroll in the CERTIFIED End of Life Doula Training Program.  This is the comprehensive course needed to become a Doula.  You can choose to become certified upon completion of this training program.

FREE End of Life Doula Trainings

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These FREE End of Life Doula Trainings allow families to regain and learn the skills of how to care for a dying loved one. This was something that was handed down generation-to-generation 100 years ago. We are bringing these skills back, and it is changing the world.

Learn how to care for someone who is dying through all three phases of end-of-life.  We are pleased to offer Doulagivers® FREE End-of-Life Doula Trainings:  Introductory End of Life Doula Training; Introductory Care Consultant Training; Introductory Elder Care Doula Training, and Introductory Life Class.  The information presented in these trainings are  appropriate for everyone: family, caregivers, volunteers, and community members.  Participants will learn about the three phases of end-of-life and the interventions they can use to provide comfort and support to both the patient and their loved ones.  These trainings empower individuals to embrace the concept of community and caring for each other at the end of life.

FREE End of Life Doula Trainings

CERTIFIED End of Life Doula Training

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CERTIFIED End of Life Doulas receive comprehensive, intensive training to support someone from the time of a terminal diagnosis until the time of death. They provide holistic support for the person throughout all the transitional aspects of dying, as well as helps the person’s family to “re-enter” life after loss.

Based on their extensive training, Doulas offer suggestions for comfort to the patient and the family. They provide support to the family and patient during all three phases of end of life (EOL), offer the latest options for care and EOL planning, help create sacred rituals, and support in grief, bereavement, and recovery. They are not home health aides; rather, they are professionals who guide and support the family and patient through their entire end of life journey.

CERTIFIED End of Life Doula Training

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